Window Scratch Removal & Graffiti Removal

Unveil the Clarity Within Prokleen’s Journey into Window Scratch  & Graffiti Removal

Have you ever looked out your window, only to find your view marred by a network of unwelcome scratches? Do unwanted artistic expressions embellish your panes, taunting your desire for pristine glass? Never worry, fellow Letterkenny residents! Here at Prokleen, we’re not just window-cleaning ninjas, we’re scratch-busting superheroes on a mission to restore your windows to their former glory.

But before we unleash our arsenal of tools and expertise, let’s delve into the world of window scratch removal and graffiti defiance.

Prokleen CEO Andrew Pond on Window Scratch Graffiti Removal Training in Letterkenny, Donegal

 Understanding the Enemy:

Window scratches are like miniature canyons etched onto the glass surface. These imperfections distort light and clarity, transforming your once majestic panorama into a blurry disappointment.

They can arise from various sources:

Accidental Encounters:

A rogue tennis ball, an overzealous cleaning tool – accidents happen! We’ve got the skills and solutions to buff away minor mishaps, restoring the smooth canvas your windows once were.

Unwanted “Artwork”:

Graffiti might express creativity, but not on your windows! Our specialised techniques and eco-friendly solutions can erase these unwelcome scribbles without harming your glass or the environment.

Now, let’s differentiate between the two heroes fighting these foes:

Window Scratch Removal

This meticulous process involves smoothing out the tiny “canyons” on the glass surface. We employ specialised polishing techniques and compounds, chosen based on the scratch’s depth and the glass type (tempered, laminated, etc.). Think of it as sculpting away imperfections, revealing the pristine glass beneath. We do love a bit of pristine glass at Prokleen.

Graffiti Removal

This specialised dance requires carefully removing unwanted paint, ink, or other markings without damaging the underlying glass. Think of it as a delicate surgery, where precision and the right tools are paramount. Our methods are gentle yet effective, ensuring your windows regain their pristine appearance without a trace of the unwanted “creativity.” Andrew loves this sort of challenge.


Imagine calcium carbonate, nature’s chalky sidekick, taking an unwanted staycation on your window. That’s limescale, a white, crusty build-up caused by our beloved (but sometimes mineral-heavy) hard water.

Mineral Deposits: 

Think of these as limescale’s extended family. Calcium, magnesium, iron – they all love to crash at your window party, leaving splotchy souvenirs of their visit.

These uninvited guests aren’t just party poopers; they can:

  • Dim your sparkle: Less light through your windows means less sunshine in your home (boo!).
  • Damage your defenses: Neglected deposits can weaken window frames and seals, leading to bigger problems down the road. Ask Joe McDaid.
  • Become breeding grounds: Stagnant water and minerals create a welcoming haven for unwanted micro-organisms.
Window Scratch Graffitti Removal Expert at Prokleen Donegal

Prokleen’s Battle Plan: How We Win the War Against Deposits

Expert diagnosis: We’re like Sherlock Holmes for windows, identifying the culprits and choosing the most effective removal strategy.

Pre-treatment power: Softening the ground before the battle. Special solutions loosen the mineral grip, making them easier to vanquish.

Tactical removal: Brushing, scrubbing, gentle scraping – we choose the right weapon for each window type and material, ensuring a clean victory.

Rinsing retreat: No trace of the enemy left behind! We ensure every mineral soldier is flushed away, leaving your windows spotless.

Protective shield: Consider this a window force field. We may apply a sealant to prevent future invasions, keeping your windows sparkling longer.

Why Choose Prokleen?

When it comes to restoring your windows, trust matters. Here’s why Prokleen stands out:

  • Master of Many Arts: Our CEO, Andrew, isn’t just our leader, he’s a certified expert in both window scratch removal and graffiti removal. His extensive training and passion translate into exceptional results for you.
  • Tools of the Trade: We don’t settle for ordinary tools. Our arsenal boasts specialised equipment designed for precise and efficient scratch removal, ensuring meticulous results you can see. Andrew loves all the new tech.
  • Unshakeable Dedication: We’re not satisfied until your windows shine like new. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures every scratch, no matter how small, is addressed with the utmost care.
  • Locally Rooted, Globally Connected: Proudly serving Letterkenny and nearby towns, we understand the specific window challenges our county faces. But our reach extends beyond, drawing knowledge and expertise from a global network of professionals.

Beyond the Service

We believe in empowering you! With Prokleen Blogs, you’ll find helpful DIY tips and tricks for tackling minor scratches. But remember, even superheroes need backup. For stubborn scratches or large-scale graffiti, entrust your windows to our expert hands.

Ready to Reclaim Your View from Scratch & graffiti?

Don’t let scratches and graffiti dim your outlook. Contact Prokleen today for a free quote and let us embark on this journey together. Remember, early intervention is key, and our team is always happy to answer your questions and guide you toward the best solution.

Bonus: Unveiling the Secrets

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts where Andrew delves deeper into the specific techniques used for window scratch removal and graffiti removal. He’ll also share insider tips on identifying scratch types and choosing the right approach for your situation. He’s like that you know, all nerdy about window cleaning.Runs in the family.

Together, let’s ensure every window in Letterkenny reflects the clarity and beauty it deserves!

Experience Great Satisfaction from Professional, Highly Trained, and Fully Insured Prokleen Cleaning Specialists.

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