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Gutter Cleaning Service in Letterkenny 

A lot of the time, cleaning gutters on your house in Letterkenny might not feature high on your list of home maintenance and home improvement priorities. However, regular upkeep of gutters is essential for protecting your property and saving you money or stress.
Gutters on houses in Letterkenny or Ballybofey, Manor or Ramelton are all designed to collect and guide rainwater off the roof, down into the drain, and away from the building, and your home, thus preventing potential structural damage. Blocked or damaged gutters on houses can result in expensive repairs so, although they are out of sight, they should never be totally out of mind!

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we do. We are happy to take a photo of the gutters “before and after” we clean them. We do exactly what we promise, to give you peace of mind. And we are fully insured to do this work, especially when using ladders on your property. And our Prokleen Team has to be fully vetted. Call Andrew on 086 2403905 with any questions.

How do you know if the gutter cleaning works?

 Our Gutter Cleaning team at Prokleen will take before and after photos, on request,  to show you what they do for you.

*Prokleen Guarantee for full 12 Months
*€30 Annual Loyalty Discount on Gutter & Fascia

Gutter Cleaning-Letterkenny Before Photo
Gutter Cleaning Letterkenny After Photo

Which areas in Letterkenny do we offer Gutter Cleaning Services? 





Donegal Town

What does our Letterkenny Gutter Cleaning service cost?

The price depends on the size of the property. Standard gutter cleaning in Letterkenny or Newtowncunningham, Manor, or Ballybofey costs range from €65 to €300 depending if the house is a one or two-story, detached, semi-detached, or bungalow. You can request a free gutter cleaning quote from Andrew at Prokleen in minutes – just call us at 086 2403905.

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Experience Great Satisfaction from Professional, Highly Trained and Insured Prokleen Cleaning Specialists.

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For any inquiries about our services, Contact Prokleen today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Letterkenny Gutter Cleaning

Are you covered by Professional Indemnity insurance for this work?

Yes, we are and can send you a copy of our cover document. We are fully insured. And our team is fully trained as well as being very experienced.

See our current Insurance Certificate

Can we get a quote in advance for gutter cleaning?

Prokleen window cleaningYes,  just call Andrew on 086 2403905. Yes, or you can text me your Eircode and I can send you a quote and let you know when we will be in your area next.

Can we get a special price for getting Windows Cleaning as well as gutter cleaning?

Yes, absolutely, that is a fair deal. We will even give you up to 50% off your Window Cleaning if we do both at the same time. Just quote this discount code #GutWin50

Are you insured for working on our house?

Yes, we are and can send you a copy of our cover document. We are “fully insured”. We have premium insurance that covers us working with ladders on your property. There is no risk to you when we work at your property. And our team is fully trained as well as very experienced at Gutter Cleaning. The team has a great reputation with our clients. They are well-known and trusted.

Loads of people leave a key with the boys if they want any inside work done at their home. Many of our clients we have worked with for up to 30 years. Quite a few are second-generation family clients. We have a good crew of trusted local lads.

Can we call you and talk on your mobile?

Absolutely – why not, it is Andrew and I am on 086 240 3905. You can call or text any time Monday to Saturday inclusive from 6.00 am to 7.00 pm.

We live 20 miles from Letterkenny - will you come to our house?

Yes. Give me a call and we can organise it.

Which day do you cover my area?

Ramelton – Tuesday
Ballybofey – Thursday
Newtowncunningham – Friday
Letterkenny – Monday to Friday
Donegal Town – Depends on demand

Do I need to be at home when you call?


95% of the time our customers are not at home.

Many leave a key for us if they want us to clean the inside windows.

How do we pay you for the work if we are not at home?

Use Revolut.

Pay through the website on the Prokleen Pay Now page.

Pay to the bank.

Leave cash for us. One lady leaves the money in a paint tin in the shed. No names given 🙂

Whatever way suits you best.