Red Algae Cleaning Letterkenny

Red Algae Cleaning Services in Letterkenny

Light red algae can be treated with our Prokleen soft spray-on application procedure to remove the algae without damaging your walls, paint, or pebbledash.

Houses all over Donegal including Letterkenny show signs of Red Algae, but we have successfully treated dozens and dozens of them so far.

Make your home look brand new with the least amount of outlay.

Traditionally, the methods used for removing algae and the red staining associated with biomass have been extremely aggressive.

Using abrasive methods like power washing can irreparably damage plaster leaving tracks that can still be seen after painting.

Powerwashing roof tiles can altogether remove the top protective layer causing years of weathering in 5 minutes reducing the life of your roof.

Some cleaning chemicals like bleach. (hypo chloride)can void the guarantee on many modern colored plasters (K-rend, king span cladding)

Many of these methods only treat the surface while not killing the roots

Unlike bleach products ‘softwash’ solution is biodegradable.

Prokleen uses a very different approach. By getting to the root of the problem we are able to employ the gentlest of procedures and chemicals to work with nature and preserve the fabric of your home/ building. We can treat any surface and give a 100% guarantee.

Red Algae Cleaning Services by Prokleen in Letterkenny


Treat Light Red Algae with Precision


Soft Spray-On Application

Prokleen’s specialised procedure effectively eliminates light red algae without causing any damage to your walls, paint, or pebbledash. Their gentle approach ensures thorough removal while preserving the integrity of your property. It can increase its curb appeal and value.

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red algae cleaning after wall Prokleen letterkenny ireland
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Wide Reach of Red Algae Issue

Dozens of Successful Treatments: 

Houses across Donegal, including Letterkenny, often display signs of red algae. It is hard to miss. Prokleen’s successful treatment of numerous properties underscores their expertise in combating this prevalent issue.

Preserving Property Integrity

Avoid Aggressive Methods: 

Traditional methods for removing red algae and biomass staining have been notably aggressive. Prokleen understands the risks associated with abrasive techniques like power washing, which can lead to irreparable damages such as visible plaster marks post-painting or accelerated weathering of roof tiles within minutes.

Letterkenny Property Wall Before Red Algae Cleaning by Prokleen Letterkenny Property Wall After Red Algae Cleaning Soft Wash by Prokleen
Letterkenny Property BEFORE/AFTER Red Algae Cleaning Soft Wash by Prokleen
Property Before Red Algae Cleaning Soft Wash by Prokleen Letterkenny Letterkenny House After Red Algae Cleaning by Prokleen

Letterkenny Property BEFORE/AFTER Red Algae Cleaning Soft Wash by Prokleen

Chemical Risks: 

Chemicals like bleach (hypo chloride) can even void warranties on modern coloured plasters like K-rend or king span cladding, posing risks to property integrity.

Root Cause Eradication and Biodegradable Solution

Addressing the Root Issue: Prokleen’s ‘softwash’ solution stands apart for its ability to tackle the root cause rather than just surface problems. This biodegradable solution not only treats visible algae but ensures its complete elimination, preventing recurrence.

Before and After Red Algae Cleaning Soft Spray-On Procedure

Case Study – Maldron Hotel Galway

The success story of the Prokleen technique speaks volumes through their recent highly visible project, the revitalisation of the well-known Maldron Hotel in Galway. This project showcased not just the capability of our team, but their reputation as trusted professionals in the industry. Check ouut the efore and after photos. A picture can certainly paid a thousand words.

Before Red Algae Cleaning Maldron Hotel Galway by Prokleen

BEFORE Red Algae Cleaning-Maldron Hotel, Galway

After Red Algae Cleaning Maldron Hotel Galway by Prokleen

AFTER Red Algae Cleaning-Maldron Hotel, Galway

Case Study – Atlantic Technological Univerity (ATU) Donegal

In addressing the ugly pervasive issue of red algae, Prokleen’s local work at the ATU in Letterkenny is a good example. Despite the challenge posed by the stubborn red algae buildup, this project further cements our expertise in combating this issue for larger buildings. With a bit of TLC this building now looks like new.

Red Algae Cleaning ATU Walls Letterkenny by Prokleen

Red Algae Cleaning ATU Walls in Letterkenny by Prokleen Team

Prokleen Soft Spray-on Red Algae Cleaning Letterkenny

Prokleen Soft Spray-on Red Algae Cleaning Letterkenny

Red Algae Cleaning ATU Walls After Letterkenny by Prokleen

Red Algae Cleaning of ATU Letterkenny walls AFTER photo.

Expertise, Guarantee, and Importance of Qualifications

Professional Expertise: 

Our CEO Andrew Pond, is certified by City Of Guilds under the late Michael Conway, Prokleen guarantees a meticulous and qualified approach. Their insurance against potential damages highlights the risks of entrusting unqualified individuals with property maintenance tasks.


Qualification Matters: 

Hiring someone untrained in proper red algae removal can result in severe property damage. Prokleen emphasises the risks associated with unqualified individuals, stressing the importance of expertise in such tasks.


Visual Transformation and Property Value

Astonishing Results: 

The remarkable visual transformations achieved through Prokleen’s soft wash procedure are astonishing. Properties rejuvenated by their specialised cleaning method often appear freshly painted, enhancing property aesthetics and value without costly paint jobs.

Experience Great Satisfaction from Professional, Highly Trained, and Insured Prokleen Cleaning Specialists.

Prokleen offers other Cleaning Services in Letterkenny namely: Window Cleaning,  Residential,  Window Cleaning Commercial,  Gutters & Fascia Cleaning, Powerwashing, and Red Algae Cleaning. View All Cleaning Services offered.

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Which areas in Letterkenny do we offer Red Algae Cleaning Services?





Donegal Town

Red Algae Cleaning Letterkenny Frequently Asked Questions 

Can we get a quote for Red Algae cleaning in Donegal in advance?

Yes we are happy to provide a quote for Red Algae cleaning in advance for any location in Donegal. Our base is in Letterkenny, but talk to us about your location.

Are you covered by Professional Indemnity insurance for this Powerwashing work?
Yes we are and can send you a copy of our cover document. We are fully insured. And our team is fully trained as well as being very experienced.

See our current Insurance Certificate

Can you schedule this Red Algae Treatment work immediately this month?

Yes, we can indeed

Is the Red Algae treatment service quote free?


Is power washing enough?

Powerwashing can be highly abrasive to some surfaces causing irreparable damage. (never use power washing to clean your roof). In moss or red algae treatment, power washing can be counterproductive, pushing the spores under slates/tiles and making them impossible to treat, allowing the immediate resumption of colonization.

What is red algae and why does it affect my property?

There are several reasons for red algae on render. The algae blooms usually occur on walls that remain damp. This can be north-facing, leaking gutters, or just naturally shaded areas. (The typical Donegal Environment.)

When treated how long will it last?

A biocide works much the same as a weedkiller. When applied it takes a number of days to work. Algae-like micro weeds will reappear depending on their surroundings. We guarantee your walls to be algae-free for at least 3 years.*

How much does Red Algae cleaning cost?

From as little as €150, but talk to Andrew and get a quote for your own home, as it depends on size and shape.

How long will it take for the Red Algae to go away?
The red algae will disappear from wall render within a few days during warm weather or in a couple of weeks, even in winter.
Will this work for mold or black or green algae too?
Yes, it will work on mold or black or green algae too.
How much does it cost to get Red Algae cleaning done in Letterkenny?

Obviously, this depends on the size of the house, but to give you an idea, the average for a three-bedroom semi would be €250.

Andrew can quote once he knows how many walls, how accessible are they etc.