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 Initial Window Cleaning Letterkenny ​Top Tips

window cleaning residential letterkennyInitial Window Cleaning Perfection after a new build or refurbishment.
Many homeowners in Letterkenny ask me about how to avoid scratches in the glass of their new windows. There is nothing worse than investing in your new windows only to find them full of scratches after installation. Over the last 3 decades, glass has evolved tremendously, mainly due to new safety standards and more recently energy ratings. As glass has advanced, so the challenges to cleaning have changed. Whereas in the past a simple window scraper bought from any hardware store and a good scrubbing pad would accomplish miracles. Nowadays, to clean them and not add scratches takes carefully selected chemicals and time-consuming procedures to remove what in the past would have been considered everyday building deposits: concrete, cement, paint, grout, silicon, etc…

It can be very easy after a long expensive building process for us to expect our partner or builder or our local window cleaner to work miracles with the windows without allowing a budget to accomplish what you want to see. Perfect vision! This brings us to Tip 1

Cover, Cover, Cover.
In my 40 years of cleaning windows in Letterkenny, 99% of the time windows leave the factory blemish-free and perfectly clean. Any imperfection caused in the fabrication process is easily identifiable. So, if great attention is given to making sure the windows stay properly covered during the installation and throughout the full building process your windows will be easily cleaned prior to the completion of your project. Due to bad habits established when glass was easily cleaned, decades ago, a few builders may feel that covering the windows is an unnecessary expense. Or they do not take the time to do it. Or simply forget. Most are encouraged to cover and keep recovering once they have had to change a triple-glazed unit at great unnecessary because of stains or scratches incurred during the building process.

Who of us would spend 20,000,30,000,40,000 euros or more on a shiny new car only to allow the painter to leave over spray near it or allow the plaster to flick spots of cement on the paintwork? Worse still who would allow anyone to use an angle grinder in the vicinity? We would move the car! Unfortunately, with windows most of the time, they cannot be moved away from the danger. So always remember Cover, Cover, Cover.

Notes on covering:
1. If you can, try a get the windows factory-fitted ‘covering’. Most window manufacturers offer this service. It is usually far superior to the DIY covering option. Talk to Joe McDaid Windows in Ramelton about this service and get their advice.
2. If the covering is supplied by the window manufacturer make sure to remove all external protection within a week of the external plaster being completed. Or within 6 months of window arrival on site. Whichever comes first.
3. Factory fitted – If there is an extended period of time between window installation and plastering,  6 months or more make sure to remove all self-adhesive protection and reapply prior to plastering
4. If you choose the DIY covering option I would let each trade know it is their responsibility to cover and remove the cover on completion. If they scratch they replace.
5. Get painters, plasterers, and stonemasons to do a walk around with you prior to and on completion of their works to confirm your ‘factory-fitted’ window perfection remains.
6. No covering will protect your new investment from the hot sparks produced by an angle grinder. Angle grinding should not be carried out within 5m of glass.
7. If you choose to use the DIY plastic self-adhesive coverings out there, make sure not to leave them for more than 21 days.
8. Make sure the windows are covered right up to the edge of the frames.

Initial Clean in Letterkenny – Costing/Budget
If unfortunately you are looking at this article in hindsight and were unable to keep a close eye on the installation/building process, the cost of returning your windows to their factory-fitted perfection can prove expensive, between €30-€55 per window in and out inclusive.

If you can apply all these (must-do’s) listed earlier, the cost of cleaning the builders dirt should be near zero. Just a couple of hours of work cleaning the windows and frames after the builder has removed any remaining tape after all the trades have finished. If you choose to get a professional to carry out the final touches, an initial clean in the Letterkenny area will average just €4 – €9 per window, in and out inclusive. Sometimetimes this is referred to an an Initial Clean or Builders Dirt Clean.

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