Gutter Cleaning Services Letterkenny

A lot of the time, cleaning gutters on your house in Letterkenny might not feature high on your list of home maintenance and home improvement priorities. However, regular upkeep of gutters is essential for protecting your property and saving you money or stress.
Gutters on houses are designed to collect and guide rainwater off the roof, down into the drain and away from the building, your home, thus preventing potential structural damage. Blocked or damaged gutters on houses can result in expensive repairs so, although they are out of sight, they should never be totally out of mind!

”In Donegal, the gutters on an average semi-detached house drain over 40,000 litres of water annually”

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What is gutter cleaning?


This can be a combination of fallen leaves, moss, twigs, and other debris that can build up over time. Typical Donegal winter problem. Leaves get blown onto the roof, travelling down. When wet, leaves can stick to gutter walls and floors, and the flow of rainwater becomes lodged in corners and downpipes.

Why do Letterkenny gutters get blocked?
Over time leaves will break down turning into a fertile compost, the perfect breeding ground for seeds, moss, and weeds that have been blown onto the roof or dropped by birds. If left unchecked, these invasive weeds can overtake your household guttering and downpipes, blocking the natural flow of water, blocking the downpipe leading to rainwater build-up, and possible overflow. It is critical that gutters are in good health for the winter, to ensure water is free-flowing to prevent damage by snow and ice build-up. It happens anywhere you find trees and leaves, so Letterkenny is not special when it comes to blocked gutters on homes.

”Over time leaves in your guttering will break down turning in to a ‘febrile’ compost matter. This is the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of seeds, moss and even unsightly weeds..”

Can blocked gutters cause property damage in Letterkenny?


Yes, it can lead to costly property damage, in Letterkenny or anywhere, not just Donegal, that is if they are not dealt with promptly. Rainwater damage can lead to issues such as rotting fascia boards, water damage to walls, windows, ceilings, insulation, and even foundation damage.  If left unchecked, water can permeate through to the internal walls, causing damp and mould spores. Regardless of whether you have cast iron, pressed steel, or plastic gutters, it is essential that these are maintained and regularly checked, to ensure water is free-flowing in the guttering and clear of debris.

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How do I know my house gutters are clogged?

For a quick visual, next time it rains, (shouldn’t have to wait too long) give your gutters a visual health check. Are they overflowing, leaking, or sagging, or is there water running down the side of the building? Any of these factors could indicate an issue with blocked gutters. If you have to clear your garden or driveway of falling leaves in the autumn, then it would be advisable to consider a visual health check of all yopur gutters.

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How often should I get my gutters cleaned?


This depends very much on your property’s surroundings, weather factors, and age of the building. Letterkenny properties surrounded by overhanging trees, especially pine trees, or with moss growth, should be checked frequently, especially after bad weather, to ensure gutters are free from fallen debris.

Ideally, properties in Letterkenny should be checked in the autumn, after the leaves have fallen, to ensure they are in perfect condition and free-flowing for the heavy rain, snow and ice that the winter brings. Possibly less so around Carnamuggagh and more so near the Town Park or Ramelton Road or near the Letterkenny Golf Club, where you have more trees.
When spring arrives, it is worth having them checked again, just to ensure that they have not been damaged during the winter and that any residual biodegraded leaves and moss, have been removed to prevent the growth of grass or weeds.


How easy is it to check your gutters?


Your local gutter cleaning professional in Prokleen can inspect your guttering systems from the safety of the ground, using our high reach inspection system. Quick to assemble, the world-leading system is able to extend up to 4 stories in height, giving a detailed eye in the sky view from the operator’s monitor, with no need for ladders. So, for the ultimate peace of mind and to ensure your gutters continue in good health, contact your local cleaning professional for an inspection today.